Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another lost for the Mets

In a crucial game for the Mets they started a rookie to make his debut. Phillip Humber started the game off good throwin 3 shut out innings but it all came down after that. He ended up going 4 innings giving up 5 earned runs. blowing the Mets 5-0 lead. The Mets went to the bullpen again for help and didnt get much of it. Joe Smith came in and couldnt retire anyone giving up to hits and 2 earned runs and also taking the lost. Pedro Felicano, Scott Schoenweis, Orlando Hernandez, and Aaron Heilman all came in and pitched all shut out ball. The score now 7-6 with the nationals in the lead. the top of the 9th the Mets bring in Billy Wagner and he gives up 2 earned runs in a inning. the Mets need to win because Phillies have won and now are 1 game behind in the east.


kate said...

I think the picture makes this post. Not being a huge baseball fan, I found it funny how this was such a crucial game and the players face looks so funny. I can't tell if he wants to cry or start laughing. The pictures make this blog interesting!

chris said...

i dont really follow baseball, but my mom does, and now that it is almost the middle of october and the Mets are officially out of the running (so ive heard), this post seems to be foreshadowing their downfall this season. Ominous.