Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday nights game

Tuesday was no better than Monday. Tom Glavin started the game and got 1 out then gave up 2 hits and then Austin Kearns for the second night in a row hit a 3 run homerun. Then Glavin gave up another homerun to Tony Batista making the game 4-0. in the bottom of the 1st Jose Reyes led off the inning with a solo homerun. Glavin ended up giving up 6 earned runs and the bullpen once again didnt do better giving up 4 earned runs in 5 innings. in the bottom of the 9th the score was 10-3 and the Mets try to come back. the Mets get 2 base hits before Reyes hit his second homerun of the night this one being a 3 run home run. the score is now 10-6 and the Mets are not done. the Mets get 3 more runs but left the tying run on 3rd base. making the final 10-9 a Nationals win.

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